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Thinking of buying a home in Mississauga ? Or Curious to know What kind of a house can I afford, buy/get in Mississauga in the price range of $850,000, $900,000, under a Million or up to 1.5 Million?

Formed in 1974, Mississauga is now recognized as Canada’s 6th largest and fastest growing major city With a population of 717,961 as of 2021, Mississauga is the sixth-most populous municipality in Canada, third-most in Ontario, and second-most in the Greater Toronto Area after Toronto itself. With well-established infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, the City is considered to be an employer of choice, delivering quality municipal programs and services to its citizens. The city is a dynamic, diverse and progressive municipality, known for its economic strength and for being Canada’s safest city.


The city is home to Lester B. Pearson International Airport and the greatest concentration of major highways in the country, all of which position the city to serve local, national and international markets and travellers. Local public transit is linked to Toronto and other neighbouring cities, offering a comprehensive network of bus, subway and commuter train routes.


Recognized for being the safest city in Canada, it is a known major focal point for commercial activity, rich in arts, cultural facilities, parks, entertainment, nightlife and world-class sport and recreational facilities for all interests. Full of tremendous shopping opportunities and home to Square One, Ontario’s largest mall, is the place to shop till you drop.


Home to more than 18,000 businesses and a major employment centre within the GTA, this city houses 50 of Canada’s Fortune 500 offices providing residents with an opportunity to work close to home.


We have over 481 parks and woodlands with serene tranquil settings or passive and active recreational facilities with our lakefront parks becoming a boaters haven. The city features nightlife, world-class sport and recreational facilities, and one of the best and largest shopping malls in Ontario, Square One. Mississauga also features an extensive corporate district, offering a home to thousands of businesses providing residents with an opportunity to work close to their home. If you’re a student, Mississauga is home to several universities and colleges. One of the best universities situated in Mississauga is the University of Toronto at the Erindale Campus.

It offers a wide selection of dining options. Restaurants here offer a unique ambience. A perfect location for a quick bite or a romantic dining experience. Make sure to check out the extensive list of restaurants. This beautiful city appeals to all ethnic communities. Diverse neighbourhoods allow you to learn about various cultures and arts. This city is clean, safe and well-maintained. Real estate here has also become the preferred location for technology-driven companies in Eastern Canada and is home to Microsoft.

You can be sure that the city has high standards in education, policing, fire and other services. The city also features several public and private art galleries, community theatre groups and a state-of-the-art Living Arts Centre situated right at Mississauga City Hall.


A modern city minutes from Toronto’s business core. Mississauga is connected to Toronto with a convenient transit system that can take you directly to the subway system in Toronto. The popular light rapid rail system called GO Transit is readily available with stations interspersed on two separate lines running through Mississauga to Toronto. It has a pleasant mix of housing types most of which is under thirty years old. Match your housing needs with your lifestyle! Single-family homes for all income ranges from the most modest to the most demanding. Single-family, semi-detached, condo townhomes, freehold townhomes and condo apartments are all here for you.

If you’re looking into Mississauga real estate as an investment or as a great city in which to live, you have come to the right place!  With just a few clicks, you can search for homes and everything else the city has to offer


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