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With its healthy economy, green spaces, and walkable neighbourhoods, Brampton attracts many newcomers and new immigrants. First time home buyers in Ontario tend to settle in Brampton as well. Brampton’s population of over 650,000 is big enough for many urban conveniences but less overwhelming than more densely populated regions like Toronto or Montreal.

There are many houses for sale in Brampton, and their average price is around 50% of what you will pay for a comparable property in nearby Toronto. If you are a first-time home buyer or a new Canadian, there is a lot to love about Brampton. And so we’ve provided this guide to tell you more about the Brampton housing and real estate market.

YoY% Change = Year-over-year (YOY) growth
416 = Area Code for Toronto Area
905 = Area Code for Peel Region Including Mississauga & Brampton

October statistics by major home type


With so many properties for sale, Brampton is a great place for aspiring homeowners. Here’s everything you need to know about Brampton’s real estate market and what it offers.

Reasons to Consider Brampton

Brampton is a growing city that is an easy 15 to 45km commute from Toronto – not to mention its close proximity to neighbouring cities like Mississauga and Vaughan. And since houses for sale in Brampton cost around half the price of comparable Toronto real estate, you can afford a much nicer place for your money. And Brampton’s lush green spaces and thriving nightlife means you won’t miss the entertainment on Yonge Street.

Rent vs Buy

Your rental dollars go into somebody else’s bank account. Your home is an asset and a place for your family to put down roots. If you’re looking to buy a house, Brampton’s real estate prices make it an excellent choice.

House for Sale in Brampton by Owner vs Agent

You will see the occasional house for sale in Brampton by the owner. But hiring a real estate professional pays off. An agent can walk you through things like home inspections and leverage their experience to ensure you get the best price.

Buying a home is a huge deal, and you need professionals overseeing the transaction for everyone’s security. 

What is interesting is that you as a home buyer never pay any commission to your agent who works hard for you. Why is that? Because your Buyer agent’s brokerage gets paid from the Seller. In Canada the seller who is selling the house pays for the real estate fees or commission for both the agents that seller’s and and Buyer’s agent. That is the reason that you should always hire your own agent absolutely at Zero cost to you. Select your agent very carefully.


Home buyers are always excited to learn that they don’t owe any commission to their realtor! Your agent’s brokerage actually gets paid from the seller, which is standard procedure in Canada.

That’s why you should always hire a realtor to help you search for the best house for sale in Brampton for you – there’s zero cost/risk to you – be sure to choose your realtor carefully.


You are going to be living in your new home for a long time, so it’s important to find a house with enough bedrooms for you and your family. Here are some pointers to help you find that perfect home.

Re-Sale vs New House for Sale in Brampton

A re-sale is the sale of an existing house by its owner, while some new house sales are assignment sales of houses under construction. If you buy a new house for sale in Brampton or a preconstruction home, you may have to wait until it is finished, which can make the transaction more complicated but gives you more flexibility to customise your new house. Usually the prices of new or preconstruction homes are at least 25 to 35% higher then existing homes – which is another reason why some home buyers will lean towards resale homes instead.

Detached vs Semi-Detached House for Sale in Brampton

When you are shopping for houses in Brampton, you will likely see listings for “semi-detached” and “detached” properties. Here’s a quick run-through of what those terms mean.


When you see a listing for a semi-detached house for sale in Brampton, that house shares a common wall with another house. A house sharing more than one common wall with adjoining homes is called a townhome or townhouse.


A detached house for sale in Brampton shares no walls with any adjoining building. Detached houses generally have larger yards and more space than semi-detached houses or townhomes, and offer more privacy and remodelling freedom.

Another type of homes: A house sharing more than one common wall with adjoining homes is called a townhome or townhouse.

East VS West

Here is a bit of info about what to expect when looking for houses for sale in Brampton by area.

Brampton East

East Brampton includes Toronto Gore township, one of Brampton’s wealthiest neighbourhoods. Brampton East is bordered to the east by Vaughan and Toronto. Houses for sale in Brampton East are upscale but is less walkable than many Brampton neighbourhoods. It’s also close to Highway 427 which makes access to Toronto a lot easier.

Brampton West

Brampton West borders Mississauga and includes many detached houses built in the 1960s and 1980s. There are many larger houses for sale in Brampton West, making it a good choice for families looking for a forever home. Brampton West is close to highways 407 (toll) and 410 which links directly to Mississauga.

Northwest brampton

Many houses for sale in northwest Brampton are located in its popular Mount Pleasant subdivision. Northwest Brampton is bordered by Victoria County and is a short drive from some stunning forests and scenery. It also borders the up and coming city of Georgetown.

Northeast brampton

If you are looking for a house for sale in northeast Brampton’s Castlemore neighbourhood, you will find a number of luxury homes and developments available. Northeast Brampton is 14km from downtown Brampton and borders Caledon and Bolton to the north.

House for Sale in Brampton with Legal Basement: Why It's Important

If you buy a house for sale in Brampton with a legal basement, you may be able to turn that basement space into a room for guests or even an apartment for rent. Buyers can feel a lot more secure when they know that their house has a legal basement compliant with all applicable bylaws that have been approved by local officials.

Renting Out Your Legal Basement

Due to the high number of immigrants wanting to live in Brampton, there is a huge demand for basement apartments for rent in Brampton. These may be self-contained 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with a separate entrance. The rental income from a basement apartment is a big help in paying your monthly mortgage.


If you’re thinking about buying a house for sale in Brampton, here are some things to consider:


Before you buy a house in Brampton, check out the distance between your home and important destinations like grocery stores, parks, malls, transit, and highways. You want a location that makes you feel tied to the community, not isolated.


If you are a parent or plan to be one, having a public school near your future home is important. When looking at houses for sale in Brampton, be sure to enquire about the nearest local schools.

Most schools in Brampton are part of Peel Board or Catholic Board and education is totally Free up to Grade 12 by the government of Canada. All public schools in Brampton will have same syllabus but demographics makes a difference as your child will grow with what community/ethnic background kids. An experienced real estate agent knows a lot about different neighbourhood and its unique characteristics and may guide you better.


When you are looking at properties for sale in Brampton, try to schedule showings for times when people are usually at home. This will give you an opportunity to listen to the neighbourhood and avoid houses with noisy neighbours or other less desireable considerations.


If you are sensitive to noise, you should look at houses for sale in Brampton that are some distance from highways and busy roads. A few minutes extra commute is better than sleepless nights spent grumbling at traffic noise.


Proximity to transit, bus stops, Go Train station and highways is an important consideration for many workers, university students and office goers and a major consideration in the home buying process.

Proximity to transit, Go Train stations, and highways is an important consideration for many workers, university students and office goers.


Brampton is growing quickly and many people are looking for a Brampton house for sale. Here are Brampton’s top developers.

Regal Crest Homes

Regal Crest Homes offers townhomes and single homes for sale in Brampton at its Mayfield Village planned community. Mayfield Village offers close proximity to Brampton schools and shopping, and easy access to Highway 410 and several GO stations.

Paradise Developments

Paradise Developments has homes for sale in Brampton at its High Point subdivision. High Point has both pre-existing homes and townhouses under construction. Paradise Developments has been building homes since 1972 and has established a track record for excellence.

Mattamy Homes

Mattamy Homes is the largest private homebuilder in North America, and Mattamy’s new Brampton development, Mount Pleasant North, offers 2, 3, and 4-bedroom townhouses within minutes of schools, libraries, entertainment, and a 185-hectare nature preserve.


SkyHomes may have a Brampton house for sale at its Copper Trail Creek subdivision. But since their other Brampton developments at Castlemore Woods and Forest Valley Castlemore are already sold out, you should act now or risk losing out.


Looking for a house for sale in Brampton? RE/MAX Team Paliwal can help!

If you are looking for a re-sale house for sale in Brampton, our expert realtor team can guide you throughout your search and ensure that your closing is hassle-free. We are rated as one of the Top 50 Real Estate Teams in Canada, and the #1 best agent in Peel Region, by RankMyAgent.com.

Prefer new homes? RE/MAX Team Paliwal works closely with Brampton’s top builders to arrange pre-construction sales of homes and townhomes.

All our agents are approved by REALTOR.CA, the mother site for all real estate boards in Canada. We know real estate and we know Brampton. Let us put that knowledge to work for you.

Contact us to find your Dream Home.


Can I Find a 2, 3, or 4 Bedroom House for Sale in Brampton

If you are looking for a 2, 3, or 4 bedroom house for sale, Brampton is a great place to start. Brampton is a family-oriented area with many multi-bedroom homes on the market as well as excellent public and private schools.

What's the Best Listing Site for Homes for Sale in Brampton

If you’re looking at homes for sale in Brampton, RE/MAX Team Paliwal can help you find the perfect house. RE/MAX Team Paliwal is one of the top 50 Teams in Canada and works closely with top builders in Brampton selling pre-construction homes.

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