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Barrie is a city in Ontario, Canada. It is located on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, the western arm of Lake Simcoe. It is a politically independent single-tier municipality within Simcoe County. Barrie is part of the extended urban area in southern Ontario known as the Greater Golden Horseshoe.


The city of Barrie grew by 4.5 per cent to 147,829 from 2016 to 2021 while Ontario’s population increased 5.8 per cent to 14,223,942. That ranks Barrie as Canada’s 35th largest city, and 16th in the province.

The median age is 38.5 years, slightly lower than the provincial average of 39.0 years.[3] The city proper ranked 34th by population in Canada in 2016. The census metropolitan area of Barrie had a population of 197,059 in 2016 and ranked as the 21st largest in Canada. It consists of the city proper; the town of Innisfil to its south on the shore of Lake Simcoe (population 36,566); and the township of Springwater in the agricultural north (population 19,059).

Barrie has a total land area of 898.02 square kilometres (346.73 sq mi) in its metropolitan area, with a significant portion of the precinct being farmland or grassland. Roughly 40% of the Barrie census metropolitan area is developed land. In the 2016 census, Barrie’s “bedroom community” for that of the city of Toronto distinction would be represented once again in another census by its demography.

Barrie’s median household income was $113,575, far higher than Ontario’s median of $74,287, potentially depicting the higher-paying occupations available in the Greater Toronto Area as opposed to those offered within city limits. Barrie’s economic stature is not lacking; however, several jobs are offered across different fields locally.

Barrie’s average commute time is the third highest in Ontario, at 59 minutes, also possibly displaying the populace’s tendency to work abroad in the more desirable and opportunity-oriented south. Barrie’s average dwelling value was $395,994, demonstrating a lower household cost than the provincial mean of about $517,000 and a national average of roughly $496,500.


Notwithstanding these major employers, Barrie has increasingly been perceived as a bedroom community for people commuting to Toronto, which is approximately 90 km (56 mi) south of Barrie. Approximately 32% of the resident-employed labour force (17,040 persons/53,400 persons) commute out of Barrie for employment purposes; however, approximately 28% of the resident-employed labour force (14,880 persons/53,400 persons) commute into Barrie for employment for a net out-commuting figure of only 4.26% (17,040 persons –14,880 persons)/(50,665 persons employed in Barrie)). Source: 2001 Census and City of Barrie Economic Development.

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Free hold town home semi detached house SOLD in Barrie under $999,999


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