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My journey of selling my home with Team Paliwal - Gyanesh, Anshu and Akanksha Paliwal

I approached Team Paliwal in March 2017 about selling my townhouse in Mississauga Heartland area. At that time, the housing market was "on fire" so much so that as soon as a listing went on the market, there would be 20 people lined up to book a showing within a matter of hours and within a few days of the listing going live, there were usually 10-20 offers resulting in a bidding war. I was hoping to have that kind of a response for my sale as well so I started the conversation with Team Paliwal about the requirements for listing my house. They came to my house, did a thorough inspection of the house and then gave me their detailed assessment about all the things that would need to be done to get the house "ready" to be listed. I was impressed by the fact that their "view" of getting a house ready for listing was not just about cleaning the house and putting a "For Sale" sign outside the house, but rather it was about making the house PRESENTABLE in such a way that both they (as the Realtors) and I (as the owner) can be PROUD of putting a STUNNING house on the market.

The list included things like (this is not an exhaustive list, but rather a representation of their thoroughness):

  • Decluttering the house (including removing all personal pictures)
  • Getting the whole house painted
  • Steam cleaning the carpets
  • Cleaning up the front and backyard (installing new grass in the backyard)
  • Detailed cleaning of the house (including window sills, blinds, etc)

Some of these items required the use of contractors which were ALL arranged by Team Paliwal through their various contacts. I am amazed at the speed, efficiency and professionalism of this whole process of Team Paliwal having the contacts, calling them, arranging the work and getting it done in a timely manner!

Once all the above was completed, then came time for Staging the house. That was PERSONALLY done by Mrs. Anshu Paliwal, an integral member of Team Paliwal. She personally purchased/brought items to decorate the house, including things like: fresh flowers, a full dinner set with matching napkins and other accessories, novels and reading glasses, decorative bed sets, throws placed strategically for a "casual" yet formal look. The end result of this 6-8h hour process of staging was a pristine, stunning display of my home in a way that made me almost change my mind to sell it. I wanted to continue living in this beautiful home. But of course, that did not happen.

The next step after staging was the Professional photography session which was done by another known contact of Team Paliwal. The photographer took a couple of hours to do his work and within a few hours after that, he sent us the MOST STUNNING PHOTOGRAPHS of my beautifully staged home. He had several challenges including cloudy day, white lighting in all the rooms which had a bad effect on the photographs, but of course, you could not tell about any of these challenges when looking at the final product because he was able to overcome all of them and still meet the deadline of having the pictures ready for the listing the very next day.

The listing was then prepared by Team Paliwal and it included all the salient features of the townhouse including all the upgrades that had been done. When I compared my listing to the other listings in the market at the time, I was very pleasantly surprised with all the detail that was in mine. Given how "hot" the market was, any other realtor might have "cut" some corners and just put a mediocre listing up in the market thinking that it's a seller's market so attention to detail is not as important, but thankfully, MY REALTORS, Team Paliwal's thinking is completely different. They seem to approach every client with the same level of detail and professionalism, regardless of the situation. I was proud that the listing of my house contained all the relevant details including stunning photographs.

So, we were now ready to list the house and we all eagerly awaited the 20+ calls for showings, etc, but unfortunately, the day we listed, several things came to light:

  • There were two other townhouses in the SAME complex that also listed - similar in size and the exact same price as mine. (however, their listings were lacking in detail and one of them did not have any pictures in the listing - mediocre work)
  • The market suddenly took a dip such that there were a LOT more houses on sale than buyers and the buyers did not seem to be too interested (or so it seemed).

The end result of this was that we only had a handful of showings in the first few days. We all panicked a bit, but Team Paliwal stayed optimistic and encouraged me to wait and see. We had two open house sessions scheduled 3 days after the listing went live. Both the open house sessions that weekend got a very small response, but then in the last 5 mins of the second open house session (done by Akanksha Paliwal), the future owner of my townhouse walked in and within 24h, my house was sold at 108% of asking. Even during the negotiation process, my Realtors (specifically, Mr. Gyanesh Paliwal) were VERY involved in ensuring that their client's (i.e. ME) best interests were being met. He talked to the buyer agent several times and did his "Magic" (of negotiation) to ensure that I got the BEST possible DEAL. Given the circumstances of the market slowing down and ONLY ONE OFFER on the table, I am still, to this day, AMAZED at how Team Paliwal was able to pull this off (108% over asking!!!), but when I look back, I know that the key ingredients in this SUCCESSFUL venture were their incredible attention to detail, their professionalism, their dedication to their client and the process, their perseverance and above all their sincerity! I HIGHLY recommend this team of realtors to anyone and everyone who is in the process of looking to buy or sell real estate. These days, there is NO shortage of realtors in this market, however, Realtors like Team Paliwal are INDEED a RARE OCCURRENCE. Trust me that you don't want just any realtor to handle the sale or purchase of your home..you NEED Team Paliwal!!!

Anjali Agrawal
Mississauga Ontario,Canada

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